Russian Art Prints
simple decision for exquisite walls
All Art Prints are indistinguishable from paintings
  • They are printed on the paper of the museum quality
  • Framed with cardboard passepartout
  • Covered with protective glass
Created by an Interior Designer
  • Our Art Prints are created specifically for Interior Design solutions
  • It is not necessary to match anything on your own
  • We offer you an impressive plot, an appropriate size and colour of the passepartout
Readymade solutions for walls
  • Art Prints from one Collection perfectly match each other
  • It is possible to use one Art Print or the whole set of them from one Collection
Limited number of printed copies
  • We renew our Сollections permanently
  • The copies of any Art Print are limited
  • Each copy is unique and has its own number
Art-prints «Aprel»
Tel: +7 985 737 82 07
Address: · Leninsky Prospekt, 30A, Moscow
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